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Step-Parent and Step-Couple Workshops

"I feel more hope." "I am making better decisions now."


StepUp 1: One-Day Stepfamily Strength Training - STEP-PARENT / STEP-COUPLE  WORKSHOP

What can happen in one day that can make a difference for your stepfamily? Learn about the 4 habits of successful stepfamilies.

You will have a chance to talk about what is happening in your stepfamily, learn why it is happening, and how to improve at least one situation. 

Learn about the Steps-4-Steps strategy for stepfamily success. 

Couples and individuals attend this workshop. 

Offered in-person and as a webinar.

Government purchasing cards accepted.

Step-Parent and Step-Couple Workshop Steps

An Evidence Informed Program

StepUp 2: Two-Day Stepfamily Strength Training - STEP-PARENT / STEP-COUPLE WORKSHOP

Step-Parent and Step-Couple Workshop - Two Day

Day One: The same as the StepUp 1 training. 

Day Two: Try out what you learn and come back the next day (Day Two) to share about how it went. Go more deeply into the 4 habits of successful stepfamilies. Create an action plan for three goals. Learn helpful body movements and breathing practices. 

Apply the Steps-4-Steps strategy for stepfamily success. 

Couples and individuals attend this workshop. 

Offered in-person and as a webinar.

Government purchasing cards accepted.


Smart StepUp 6: Six Two-Hour Sessions to Increase Stepfamily Strength - STEP-PARENT / STEP-COUPLE WORKSHOP

You can have it all. This 6-session format includes what is covered in the StepUp 2 workshop as well as other topics and many opportunities to role play and practice what you learn. 


The sessions include informational presentations, and group activities and discussion. This program combines the Steps-4-Steps program of StepFamily Services with the SmartSteps program created by Dr. Francesca Adler-Baeder to build couple and stepfamily strengths.

Individuals, couples, and entire stepfamilies attend this workshop. 

Offered in-person and as a webinar.

Government purchasing cards accepted.

You will learn about these topics and practice these skills:

  • The Steps-4-Step strategy for stepfamily success
  • Stepfamily myths
  • Realistic expectations for adults and children
  • Stages of stepfamily development
  • Legal issues
  • Finances
  • Defining roles and rules
  • Using body movements and breathing to improve dynamics 
  • Developing empathy
  • Handling anxiety, depression, and other stress responses
  • Understanding child development
  • Stepparent-stepchild relationships
  • Communicating effectively with the non-resident parent
  •  Building respectful and caring relationships
  •  Holiday strategies

Step-Parent and Step-Couple Workshop Smart Steps


Step-Parent and Step-Couple Workshop Steps

 An Evidence Informed Program

Selected Comments from Step Up and Smart Steps Participants

Step-Parent and Step-Couple Workshop Testimonials

"This was a life changing experience. I realize now that succeeding in a stepfamily goes hand in hand with becoming more of a whole person. The skills make you a better person". 

(Caucasian female, age early 20's)

"I thought it was great. We learned about how many people are part of a stepfamily, one way or another. You don’t need to feel like you’re messed up and kind of an outcast from society."
(American Indian male, age 39)

"I have hope. This is a great program, even if you are already pretty healthy. Connecting with other stepparents was really helpful". 

(Caucasian female, age 40's)

"I learned that I have to change the way I communicate, change the way I control stress so that I don’t affect the family with my individual stress. We were given the tools by the people who taught this course. Now, it’s applying them."
(Hispanic male, age 44)

"Learning I don’t have to be a parent to her, I can just be her friend and that has helped with our relationship…. I feel like I’m actually a successful stepparent rather than a failure."

(Caucasian female, age 46)

"It was awesome...it enabled us to go home and talk about what they {the children} had learned and what we learned. We had some bumps in the road over the course of time, but I think it was beneficial as far as getting some understanding of where my daughter was coming from and also where my fiancée’s daughters were coming from, and their concerns. I’m more conscious about where my stepkids are coming from. I’m more understanding, I think, and I’m learning to be more empathetic. Whereas before, in my mind, I think I would judge. "

(Hispanic male, age 39)