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StepFamily Support Groups

"This is about becoming more of a whole person."

Something magical happens...

When stepfamilies finally connect with other stepfamilies and talk about what is happening, there is often a sense of deep relief or a renewed sense of possibility. Step-parents and parents-in-step meet weekly or bi-weekly to share experiences and ideas, and provide emotional support for one another. Each group is led by a StepFamily Services professional who compassionately guides discussion and teaches important skills and facts about succeeding in a stepfamily. 

Come on your own or as a couple. These groups meet in-person or by phone or video conferencing.

  • StepCouples Support Circle
  • StepMoms Support Circle - mixed
  • StepMoms Support Circle - childless by marriage
  • StepDads Support Circle
  • Parents-In-Step Support Circle

"Finally something just for us!"

A support circle can ease the burden, lighten the heart, teach important lessons, and show you that you are not alone. 


  • You will first complete either one workshop or one private 1-hour orientation.
  • Agree to certain terms of confidentiality and conduct.
  • Pre-pay for four weeks (or place a deposit to be returned upon billing 4 sessions to insurance).
  • Grant permission to disclose your name to those who have already enrolled in the circle, so they can say if they prefer to be in separate circles. You will be given the same courtesy as others enroll.

What About Running into My Stepchildrens' Bio-Parent?

Once you enroll in the circle, you are then given the name of each person who later applies for the same circle. You will have 24 hours to say that you prefer they not be in the same circle. 

Minimum Enrollment

We run the support circles when there is a minimum of 6 participants or couples who pre-pay for four weeks in advance. Therefor, it makes it more likely a group will run when you spread the word (in-person, posting fliers, Facebook, Twitter, etc). The enrollment fee or insurance deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to the group you attend.

Credit cards and cash are accepted. 

Contact Us for More Information or to Sign Up for Announcements of New Groups